Our Service

We provide a tailored service to suit our clients needs because, no two clients are the same, no two campaigns are the same, and two presentations are the same.

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Dedicated Team

It is our relentless attitude towards continued growth which has resulted in us achieving massive success for us and for our clients.

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Brand ME Vision

At Brand ME Marketing, our immediate goals are simple, to continue to deliver a great quality service and to generate thousands more new customers for our clients.

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Global Coverage

Wherever you need us to be, we’ll be there. Our services are tailored to a clients needs, so if you need us to take you product or service to new lands, we can! We have links to the US, Australia, South Africa and all over Europe.


Direct Marketing


Brand Awareness


Innovative Strategies


Sales Acquisitions

About Us

At Brand ME Marketing our number one promise to clients is that we can provide them with a one-stop solution for face-to-face customer acquisition and promotional needs to deliver their product, bridging the gap between client and consumer.

Marketing Method

Brand ME Marketing have invaluable specialist experience in key areas of direct marketing and direct sales. We are able to implement our marketing strategies and direct sales programmes in various ways.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is now regarded as the most effective method of acquiring new customers and Brand ME Marketing are proud to be at the forefront of one of the fastest growing industries right now.


Our Key Skills

Fast Results

Increased ROI

Customer Service

Quality Representation


Brand ME Marketing provides the following opportunity to your business:

  • Expansion for your company on a sole no-risk basis
  • Providing a competitive edge in your market
  • Providing a proactive approach
  • Generating new, long-term customers for your business
  • Raising exposure and brand awareness for your company
  • Maximising sales through our unique sales programme


Brand ME Marketing provides the following opportunities for individuals:

  • Individual development
  • Career Development
  • A real life opportunity
  • Being a part of the fastest growing industry
  • Fun Environment
  • Travel Opportunities



At Brand ME Marketing we believe that there are many reasons why we are one of the leading sales and marketing companies in the UK. The main reason we believe, is that we are constantly evaluating and fine-tuning our direct sales techniques to ensure that our clients are achieving the greatest sales growth, we are not afraid of hard work and we know that we cannot reach our own targets without reaching our clients’ targets.

  • Direct Marketing
  • Sales Acquisitions
  • Brand Awareness
  • Project Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Customer Service


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